Niall must be one of Scotland’s most knowledgeable stalking guides.

I have had many memorable days on the hill with him and he has never failed to provide a great stalking experience that has enhanced my appreciation of Scotland’s wild deer and the environment they live.


It was an outstanding experience to go hunting with Niall and his team. Being part of the landscape with its impressive and diverse wildlife made us feel deeply connected to nature. And thanks to our guides and their expert knowledge each hunting trip was unforgettable.

The team made (nearly) everything possible for us and wanted us to get to know the variety and strength of the deer and its trophies. If you want to go hunting in Scotland, make sure to have West Highland Hunting as your companion


West Highland Hunting has everything to offer and must be a destination for anyone wishing to hunt stag, roe, game birds and more, and for anyone wishing to witness the unparalleled beauty of the Western Highlands.

Following in the footsteps of the generations that have stalked the rugged terrain of the Highlands will leave you longing to return. Niall Rowantree and his staff go above and beyond, surpassing every expectation to make this a trip of a lifetime. The knowledge, passion, and respect that they show for the animals is rare and makes West Highland Hunting the premier destination for seeking adventure and beauty in the wilds of Scotland.