Salmon fishing on Ardnamurchan
In the autumn of each year, salmon run the Achateny river to Loch Mudle and in the right conditions after rain, this little river provides some excellent sport for the experienced angler and beginners alike with salmon ranging between 5-12lbs. The Achateny river is a catch and release river system.

Salmon fishing on Auch & Invermearan
With Loch Tulla at its head, the Orchy is not a true spate river and its flow and fishing conditions are very dependent on the rainfall which, thankfully, is plentiful in this part of the west Highlands. We have three miles of fishing on the upper river offering exciting and varied conditions. To accommodate the wide variety of conditions that anglers might face, all methods are permitted except the use of prawn and shrimp. Strict conservation rules are applied to ensure that a healthy spawning population is maintained. As soon as fish pass the Awe barrage in April, they will run the Orchy and can be caught right up to the middle beats.

Availability: The main summer run of fish starts mid-June and is tailing off by August but the river is full of fish by September as it is the main spawning ground for the system.

Both daily and weekly lets are normally available throughout the season.

Price on request.

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