Glenborrodale Deer Park

Every year clients of West Highland Hunting successfully take many trophy class wild Scottish red stags of SCI record book quality from Glenborrodale Castle’s Glenborrodale Deer Park. There are also opportunities to hunt feral goats, roebuck, sika, fallow and the exotic Père David deer. Due to hunting seasons in Scotland, it is possible to stalk at least one species all year round. All of the estates that West Highland Hunting manage are carefully balanced to maintain and enhance biodiversity in accordance with best practice and the deer’s welfare.

The Package

Arriving in Scotland on either a Saturday or Sunday for one week, you make your own way to your full board accommodation and are met by your chef and guide. On arrival the plans for the week are arranged and the week commences with a dinner of traditional highland cuisine. The following morning a trip to the range to check firearms and to allow the guide and client to become acquainted. You will also have the opportunity to look at trophies and confirm your requirements. The hunt is normally conducted with one rifle and guide and up to three guides are available each week. These weeks are normally lodge, hotel or castle based and can meet the needs of two to four hunters each shooting two stags.

The prices include the animal’s trophy preparation, caping and all transport during the hunt.

Visitor firearm permits are arranged as required and charged at £25.00 each to cover permit cost and administration.

Up to eight animals may be booked in any August to October week by arrangement and subject to availability.

Please contact us for further information about our sporting packages.