Portfolio Category: Protection & Conservation

Deer Management

West Highland Hunting offers a range of solutions for property owners across the whole Scottish landscape from mixed arable and woodland to classic Highland terrain. Each solution is individual to you and will aim to deliver your objectives whilst meeting  social, economic and environmental targets delivering deer and wildlife management to the highest possible standards.…
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Protection & Conservation

We offer focused solutions where deer, goats or other mammals are presenting a negative impact on habitats or land use objectives. These will always be evidence-based and include liaison with all appropriate agencies and authorities. Where intervention and control are required this will be carried out with all required licenses and authorizations in place and…
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Estate Partnerships

West Highland Hunting is currently Scotland’s only guide and outfitting company marketing sport hunting opportunities directly to the world market. With our partner estates we seek to manage natural resources wisely and sustainably, ensuring viable resources for future generations. Partners can rely on a professional evidence-based system of management to fulfil their objectives. We provide…
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