Estate Partnerships

West Highland Hunting is currently Scotland’s only guide and outfitting company marketing sport hunting opportunities directly to the world market. With our partner estates we seek to manage natural resources wisely and sustainably, ensuring viable resources for future generations. Partners can rely on a professional evidence-based system of management to fulfil their objectives. We provide wildlife management services to clients on a contract basis in the following structures:

  • Gold Package

We manage every element of the sporting and wildlife management including population assessment, grazing impact monitoring, personnel to carry out all functions and marketing on a defined estate or area throughout the year.

  • Silver Package

We provide support in the management of wildlife and sporting activity, assisting in census and monitoring work, training staff and marketing the sporting opportunities for an agreed percentage and seeing through to completion of the customer journey.

  • Bronze Package

We provide support and management advice on a task by task basis at an agreed daily rate and market sport on the estate’s behalf through sporting agents.

Currently, we are experiencing a high level of demand for sustainable hunting opportunities from our overseas client base and would like to speak to estates, forest owners and community land holdings about developing partnerships to ensure the best for the land and its people.