• Macnab Challenge

    Macnab Challenge

    To successively complete the infamous Macnab Challenge, participants must catch a salmon on the fly, shoot a brace of grouse…

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  • Woodcock


    The woodcock is a large bulky wading bird with short legs, and a very long straight tapering bill. It is largely…

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  • Ptarmigan


    The ptarmigan is a plump gamebird, slightly larger than a grey partridge. In summer, is a mixture of grey, brown and…

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  • Grouse


    Grouse are widely considered the world’s most exclusive and challenging game bird, and for good reason. The red grouse is a…

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  • Wildfowl


    It is possible to shoot graylag geese, mallard, teal and widgeon on Ardnamurchan estate and with our partners around Oban and…

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