• Macnab Challenge

    Macnab Challenge

    To successively complete the infamous Macnab Challenge, participants must catch a salmon on the fly, shoot a brace of grouse…

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  • Red Deer

    Red Deer

    Recently voted Scotland’s most iconic species, the red deer is Britain’s largest native land mammal. West Highland Hunting has some the largest stags…

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  • Sika


    Asian in origin, sika were originally an ornamental species which escaped from deer parks during the late 19th and early 20th centuries…

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  • Fallow


    Introduced from the Mediterranean to England, possibly during the 11th or 12th centuries, fallow deer have the most limited range of all…

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  • Roe


    Roe deer are the most widely distributed species of deer in Scotland, occurring in every 10 square kilometre with the exception of…

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  • Feral Goat

    Feral Goat

    Officially known as British primitive goats, these long-horned ungulates are thought to be descended from domesticated wild goats. Historically, there have been long…

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