• Urban Deer Control Management

    Urban Deer Control Management

    The question of urban deer control in the UK is a growing concern as deer populations from rural areas encroach into...

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  • Advanced Deer Management

    Advanced Deer Management

    This brand new nationally recognised course – a customised provision approved by LANTRA Awards is designed to enhance your knowledge and...

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  • PRE-DSC1


    Premier Wildlife Services has been running training courses in deer management for over 27 years, ranging from basic deer management and..

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  • PRE-DSC2


    If you are a less experienced stalker, then the need for some quality instruction as well as the opportunity to practice...

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  • DSC2 Assessments

    DSC2 Assessments

    Over the winter we offer a limited number of cull weekends in woodlands which is a perfect introduction to deer…

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  • Extended Range Culling Course

    Extended Range Culling Course

    The idea of extended range culling has a tendency to attract some very negative associations: YouTube videos for example of trophy..

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  • Humane Animal Dispatch Course

    Humane Animal Dispatch Course

    With the increase in road traffic, more suitable habitat and the resultant increase in deer populations nationally, there has never been…

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  • Introduction to Deer Stalking

    Introduction to Deer Stalking

    This one-day course designed as an introduction into deer stalking. It has been designed/developed for the complete beginner or novice stalker, to...

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  • Excellence In Wildlife Management

    Excellence In Wildlife Management

    There are many reasons why there is a need for animal capture, immobilisation and restraint of both wild and captive

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  • DSC1 Assessments

    DSC1 Assessments

    Details to follow…

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  • Deer Management

    Deer Management

    West Highland Hunting offers a range of solutions for property owners across the whole Scottish landscape from mixed arable and…

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  • Protection & Conservation

    Protection & Conservation

    We offer focused solutions where deer, goats or other mammals are presenting a negative impact on habitats or land use…

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  • Scottish Wild Venison

    Scottish Wild Venison

    Our venison is produced from wild, free-living deer roaming the estates and forests managed by WHH and is carefully selected…

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  • Taxidermy


    At the end of the hunt, your trophy will be prepared to your preferences.  Trophy fees include field preparation and…

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  • Estate Partnerships

    Estate Partnerships

    West Highland Hunting is currently Scotland’s only guide and outfitting company marketing sport hunting opportunities directly to the world market.…

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  • Training Assessment

    Training Assessment

    We are committed to increasing the value of our natural resources and securing their use by supporting training and training…

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  • Wild Highland Tours

    Wild Highland Tours

    Wild Highland Tours is the only wildlife company based on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. Experienced guides can take you off the…

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  • Wilder Ways

    Wilder Ways

    Wilder Ways take you on an adventure with your own horse through some of the lesser known wilds of Scotland.…

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  • Ardnamurchan Distillery

    Ardnamurchan Distillery

    The Ardnamurchan Distillery opened in July 2014 to begin the process of producing what will eventually become world-class single malts.…

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