Ardnamurchan Estate

Ardnamurchan Estate

The Ardnamurchan Peninsula, is the most westerly point of the British mainland. In all respects Ardnamurchan is almost an island. Remote, timeless and beautiful, bounded by sea on three sides, this is one of Scotland's last truly wild places. With a selection of comfortable holiday homes in rugged and remote settings, your stay on Ardnamurchan promises to be special. Whether it's seclusion you're seeking, or an activity-packed break with nature walks, wilderness drives, wildlife spotting and whale watching, your trip will certainly be one to remember.

Ardnamurchan Estates enjoys an enviable reputation for its red deer which have been managed and improved through selective breeding for many generations. The Estates make up 2 "Deer Forests" based on the old Ardnamurchan and Glenborrodale Estates with a managed population of some 1000 red deer across both areas. You may also see Roe deer across the Peninsula and a few Fallow Deer in the forest blocks around Loch Mudle.


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Deer stalking

The principal sport on the estate is red deer stalking and Ardnamurchan boasts one of the finest deer herds in Scotland and is a premier sporting estate.

The estate’s stunning topography is centred around Ben Hiant which has stunning view over the Island of Mull. Ardnamurchan is renouned for its geology and boasts some of the oldest rock in Europe. The areas turbulent volcanic past gives us an array of glens,corries and woodland which provides shelter and amenity for deer. This varied terrain from sea shore to Ben Hiant provides challenging and exciting stalking but not a strenuous as some parts in the Scottish Highlands. It is possible to stalk in the ancient oak forests along the coastline, along the forest edge or out on the open range. There is also access to shooting blinds and high seats if members of the group are looking for a slightly easier approach.

The Estate divides into 3 beats, Ardnamurchan main forest, Glenmore (predominately woodland) and Glenborrodale. Famed for its large deer, the Ardnamurchan main forest frequently produces stags in excess of 25 stones and heads of 14-16 points are fairly common. The deer herd has been selectively managed for over 100 years and today, enjoys the reputation of having one of the best managed and selectively enhanced populations in Scotland, if not the UK. To get a feel of the area, please see the following video